Admission Policy / Procedure

Admissions are usually accepted up until the month of August, of the year preceding admission year. Unaccepted admissions are replaced a few days to resumption in September. Interviews are conducted to ensure that our expectations are met. An intensive pre-admission test is the basis for parents' assurance that they are making the correct decision. We accept students whom we believe will benefit from our programme and whom we believe will benefit from our informational and unique approach.
A good behavioral need and prove of academic excellence are important to us. Admission decisions are taken by the principal only. Students entering JSS1 must sit for an entrance examination in English Language and Mathematics.

Criteria for entry
Category I: 

  • Admissions into the JSS I Classes

We admit students from the age of 11 years into the JSS I Classes.
The Admission procedure is as follows:
1. After paying the specified application fee, collect an Application Form from the School office or from any of the other school campuses of Unique Nursery/Primary school, Unique Technical College, or any other designated point which will be duly publicized. Forms can also be obtained online via the school website.  
2. Payment for application form is made into school account number with Keystone Bank. 
3. Bank teller is presented to the Bursar as evidence of payment before a candidate is shortlisted for entrance examination.   
4. Complete and return the Application form together with three passport-sized photographs and a photocopy of the birth certificate of the child (or other proof of child's age) on or before the day of the interview.
5. A child must be 11 years before or on the day of interview to be qualified for admission.
6. Date for examination will be communicated to parents who obtained the admission form and got clearance from the bursar
7. Examination Centre is Unique Secondary School, Off Biem Anya Street, New GRA, Makurdi.
8. Candidates are to come along with pencil, pen, ruler, eraser, pencil sharpener and Acknowledgement Card obtained from the bursar.
9. Parents are allowed to hang around or leave the school compound and come back by after the examination process.
10. Results will be released to parents through text message and posted on the school portal within one week from the day of examination.
11. Candidates who are offered admission are given Letter of Provisional Admission and are required to pay the appropriate Registration Fees if they wish to confirm the offer.  
12. The school will provide light refreshment for all candidates therefore parents are advised not to bother on bringing snacks.
13. Admission into the JSS I Classes is dependent on the examination scores. (An average score of 60% is usually the minimum requirement).
14. Supplementary Examinations may be written at other times. Dates for these examinations shall be announced by the school management.
15. The admission is considered to have expired if two weeks after the interview the candidate is yet to pay the said deposit. The vacancies created by such candidates will be thrown open to other interested candidates and those who have lost those vacancies may be disqualified from competing for such vacancies again.

Category II:

  • Admission into other classes
  • Students transferring from other Secondary Schools / Colleges approved and recognized by the Government.

17. Admission is open to such transfer students into Junior Secondary two, Senior Secondary one and Senior Secondary two who are to start in the first term on the following conditions.

  • That there is vacancy in the class in question
  • That there is vacancy for such students in dormitories
  • That he/she is not mentally handicapped.
  • He must have properly been cleared by the relevant authorities of his/her former school. Such students are required to;
  • Purchase and complete an application form and return same to the Principal. 
  • Sit for a competitive examination along with others seeking admission into the same class.

18. All fees paid are non-refundable.

The Selection Process

  • Applicants who satisfy the conditions outlined above and who have successfully completed the Entrance examinations and Interviews will be offered a place at Unique Secondary School. However, there are some circumstances in which a place may not be immediately available:
  • where the number of successful applicants exceeds the number of places available; and
  • where an application is made late in the year, and all available places have been allocated.

Acceptance of a Place

  • A place is deemed to have been accepted only when all required paperwork is received by the Admissions Office. Verbal confirmation is not sufficient.

If a place is not accepted within the deadline stated by the School, the School may deem the offer of a place to have been declined, and may withdraw the offer without further notification.

2021/2022 admission procedure

Application procedure for Entrance Examination for  2021/2022 Academic Session