The School has a thriving PTA which is as old as the college itself. The present Exco is led by Mr. Obagi Francis and Pst. Aondongu Sokoto who serve as Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively. Other officials include Mrs. Mercy Odiniya Otache (Treasurer), Mrs. Juliana Atume (Secretary) , Mr. Isaac Akpagher (Financial Secretary), Mrs Rebecca Adah (PRO I), Mr. Godwin Akosu (PRO II) and Chia Timothy (Recorder).

The PTA has being in viable partnership with the college in various ways. In this regard, the body has always being of wise counsel to the college management and students . Aside from this, they have made several infrastructural interventions. In 2011, they built a four room block in the staff quarters to aid staff accommodation. In 2014, they jointly constructed the ultra-modern basket-ball court with the college. They are currently working on Lawn Tennis Court.

Most importantly, they have been our greatest support, having much faith in us without which the school will cease to exist

Motto: Destined for Greatness.


Our logo (our identification worldwide) has the following:
A five pointed Golden star


  • A five pointed star signifies our fame or stardom, championship.
  • It golden color signifies success in our entire Endeavours, wealth and prestige and luxury.
Trencher (tam, bonnet, mortarboard, graduate cap or square academic cap)


  • It signifies academic excellence
Sky Blue


  • Signifies the sky our starting point, trustworthy, dependable and committed.
Sky Globe


  • Signifies the world.

Unique Secondary School Old Students association (UNISECOSA)

Unique secondary school (our Alma mater), new G.R.A. Makurdi, was founded on the 9th September, 1998 as Engr and Mrs. Felix Atume's Contribution to the development of the educational sector in Benue State, Nigeria and the world at large, and also Nation building and youth The school graduated her pioneer set in 2004 and two years later, the great association of her old students, 'Unique Secondary School Old Students association' (UNISECOSA) got founded, on the 30th December, 2006. Since then, it has been growing in number and strength and producing renowned and distinguished personalities sorted for.


To be good ambassadors of our Alma mater and our Country Nigeria at large. To contribute a great quarter to nation building and you


Some of our aims and objectives are as follows:

  • To help members maintain the tie of friendship
  • Provision of a forum for the free exchange of ideas and resources for the progress of the Alma mater and members.
  • To help the school consistently maintain the high academic standards for which the school is noted.
  • The privileged members to assist the less privileged as required.
POLICIES: The association is non-political, non-sectarian and non-profit making.



Membership of the association shall be opened to all old students of the school who have spent atleast one year attending classes in the school and who are of sound mind and are desirous of upholding the aims and objectives of the association. He must been in gainful employment for atleast two years after National Youth Service.


Is open to all sixth formers of the school who are still in school (tertiary) and are yet to qualify for full membership


Public-spirited individuals and institutions that have served or contributed to the development of the school in a very special way may be admitted as honorary members. Individual citizens who have exceptionally excelled in the service of mankind and the Nation may have an honorary membership conferred on them by the association in recognition of such exemplary service. Formal principals or members of the teaching staff of the school may be admitted as honorary members.

RREGISTRATION: For registration details, please contact the public Relation Officers


ACHIEVEMENTS: Our achievements are innumerable, though more lie ahead, and we shall certainly achieve them through God Almighty, our strength.

Thank GOD for our charismatic, visionary, Pioneer President (Ogbodo A.C. Mark) as nothing can be said about UNISECOSA without mentioning him. Indeed, he is the pillar of 'UNISECOSA'

Founding Fathers

  • Ogbodo A.C. Mark: Pioneer president and pioneer head boy of the school.
  • Engr. Nandeve Emmanuel.
  • Akunda Paul
  • Ojotule J. Onuche
  • Stella Anebi
  • Hendrick Idajo
  • All the pioneer exco members
BEREAVEMENT: The association will forever remember her beloved members who have gone ahead of us to the land of our silent ones- may their souls rest in perfect peace Amen.

Joseph Imolerhe:- Pioneer secretary of the association and Assistant Head boy of set 2005.

APPRECIATION: We highly appreciate the founder of Unique Secondary School Mrs J.Atume, for her tremendous contributions to making us what we are today. Thanks so much ma (Mrs J. Atume) for your motherly care and advice which have catapulted us to great heights and greater heights yet to come. These words of yours to us will forever live with us and with all generations of ours, yet unborn.

No doubt whatsoever, you are truly the best; A role model; a mother of great nation; a nation builder; in fact, the list of words to describe your goodness is endless.

All we can just say is thank you mum. We are very, very, very grateful and will forever be grateful to you. THANKS MUMMY.

We also appreciate all our fans out there and all our well wishers. We say thank you. May the good lord continue to shower his endless blessings on you.

The list will be incomplete if we fail to appreciate the founding fathers and all those members who have contributed in one way or the other to building the association. We thank you for the talents, time and resources you have put into this association. Your good works shall yield you God's favours everyday of your life. Thanks and God bless